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Professional Landscaping Services

If your expertise in landscaping doesn’t go beyond casual gardening, it’s advisable to trust the professionals with your garden work. They can manage a range of tasks including garden design, planting, and mulching that may be daunting for a novice. Should these responsibilities seem overwhelming, it’s wise to consider enlisting an expert’s help, especially if you reside in San Antonio, TX, as Ramirez Five Star‘s landscape services are available to assist.

Professional Landscaping
Our Services Include
Mulching Services

Mulching Services

Experience the transformative effect of mulching on your garden's health and vitality. Our mulching services not only enhance soil moisture retention but also ward off pesky weeds that can stifle plant growth. Let us fortify your landscape's beauty and sustainability with meticulously applied mulch.
Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Keep your outdoor sanctuary in impeccable condition with our comprehensive landscape maintenance services. Regular upkeep tailored to your garden's unique needs ensures thriving foliage and vibrant blooms. Trust us to manage the meticulous care that keeps your landscape flourishing year-round.
Turf Installation Services

Turf Installation Services

Transform your lawn with our professional turf installation services. A lush, green carpet of grass elevates your property's aesthetic and creates a welcoming space for outdoor activities. Our experts carefully select and install high-quality turf, promising you a durable and beautiful lawn.
Trimming Services

Trimming Services

Neatly trimmed hedges and pruned trees are essential for a well-manicured look. Our trimming services not only maintain the shape and health of your plants but also encourage robust growth and flowering. Rely on our precision to bring order and beauty to your garden's natural architecture.


Craft a captivating outdoor environment with our expert landscaping solutions. Whether you desire a serene retreat or an entertainment-ready backyard, we shape landscapes that reflect your personal style while harmonizing with nature's splendor. Let every detail from pathways to plant selection be an expression of excellence.
Soil Oxygenation

Soil Oxygenation

Soil oxygenation is vital for root respiration and nutrient absorption, directly influencing plant vigor. Our specialized soil oxygenation techniques invigorate compacted earth, reviving its structure for healthier plant life. Choose the breath of life for your soil, ensuring robust growth for all greenery under your care.

Client Testimonials

by Phoebe T. on Ramirez Five Star
Very Much Pleased

The transformation in our backyard is breathtaking, thanks to this local landscaping company. Their team listened to our ideas and executed them flawlessly. Responsive, efficient, and attentive to every detail, they exceeded expectations. The pride they take in their work is evident, and I'm thoroughly impressed with their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Opt for Our Expertise

Upon discussing your landscape vision and financial considerations with our team, we’ll collaborate with you to create the outdoor space you envision within your budget constraints. The do-it-yourself approach can often lead to unexpected expenses and the use of unsuitable materials. For an efficient and economically mindful landscaping solution, engaging our professional services is recommended.

Understanding Our Process

To initiate collaboration with us, reaching out is the first step. We’ll arrange meetings at times that suit you best and arrive prepared for each specific task at hand. Our approach includes using quality resources such as organic mulches and healthy plants, all while employing effective tools and verified methods to achieve satisfying results.

Accessing FAQ and Blog Information

For swift assistance, head to our website’s main menu—there you’ll find links to both our ‘FAQ’ page for quick answers and the ‘Blog’ page for in-depth articles on gardening and landscaping best practices. Each section offers valuable insights tailored to help you enhance your outdoor space.

Service Area Coverage

Our reputation for delivering comprehensive landscape maintenance services extends across a range of locations. Below is a list of areas we cater to, along with their surrounding vicinities. Check if your region is included so we can start enhancing your outdoor space:

– China Grove Town, TX
– Live Oak, TX
– Leon Valley, TX
– Kirby, TX
– Alamo Heights, TX

Landscape Services That Are a Phone Call Away!

Reach out to Ramirez Five Star for reliable residential and commercial landscape services in San Antonio, TX. We specialize in small yard landscaping along with offering services like mulching, edging, mowing, planting, and general cleanups. Contacting us will give you insight into our services and how we can tailor them to fit your needs. We’re eager to engage with you!

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